Odometer/Speedometer Problems



I purchased a used Cadillac SRX one year ago with 31902 miles on it.

Just a couple of days ago I noticed the odometer/speedometer was going unusually fast. Of course, I notice the speedometer 1st.

I have On-Star History up until January, 08 showing that I put an average of 7-10 miles per day on the car. I have not upgraded my On-Star to digital so On-Star is not working for the past 3 months.

On 6/13/07, I put front tires on the car and have a receipt showing the mileage was 33804. This mileage I believe is correct.

On 3/19/08, I had a safety inspection done and have a receipt showing the mileage was 36783.

Then things went wacko with both the odometer and the speedometer. Today (3/28/08) current odometer reading is 60,162.

I live in Honolulu. No way could this happen.

What suggestions may you have to solve this problem.


I’ve never heard of a Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) malfunctioning in this way but that’s the only possibility I can think of.


Got a 16 year old boy who is taking it out for a few laps around the island every night?


This is a bad one but so bad that you might want to check a dealership for diagnosis. The main reason being that they can sign an affidavit for the milage reset. The circut is out of whack and GM should be concerned because they are on the hook for correctly setting/building the device to be accurate. If it goes bad in the field the required reliability for the device goes south and they will have to spend money to get their design recertified. Don’t commit to having the dealer fix it unless they offer to do it for free, which they just might.


You will notice that your new readings are in kilometers. You can switch back with a button near your radio.


Yep! And this is the same response the OP got (and acknowledged) in a Caddy-specific forum:


He must have thought that traffic was really moving when he was doing 100 and everyone was passing him!