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Odd starting noise

Hey, I have a 2003 Pontiac Vibe that makes a horrible noise when starting. The starter has been changed as I thought that was the initial issue. The odd thing is that if I press on the break when I start the car it doesn’t make the noise.

Any suggestions?

Nope. Describe the noise or make a recording and post it.

Thanks, I’ll record it the next time I get in the car.

It’s a loud sputtering/grinding noise, like the car doesn’t want to start, it has some hesitation for a few seconds. If I push in the break it doesn’t make the noise or have the hesitation when starting.

You are supposed to push the brake pedal before starting. It’s a safety feature. Some cars, maybe yours, won’t start when you don’t push the brake. Again, the safety feature. It shouldn’t make strange noises, though, so still post the recording.

I’ve never seen a vehicle where you must step on the brake pedal in order to start the engine.

Every vehicle I’ve seen requires that you step on the brake pedal in order to shift the transmission out of park.



The engine will start and I can drive without putting my foot on the break, but if I don’t put my foot on the break on it makes the loud noise when it’s starting for about 3 seconds.

It only started doing this 3 months ago.

My 300C will not start unless the brake pedal is depressed. I just tried it.

Don’t remember which vehicle, gm2005 or so? would not start unless your foot on the brake (aka break)

It makes no sense for the starter itself to make different sounds depending on whether the brake is pressed or not. something else is making the odd noise.

I have had several cars that would not start unless your foot was on the brake,

deleted by poster.