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Octane reccomendation

Waht grade of gasoline do you suggest fro 2009 Volvo C70

I recommend whatever grade your owners manual recommends. If it recommends premium and you are worried about paying extra, its only a few extra dollars per tank which isn’t a big deal in the scheme of things.

The only recommendation that counts is the one made by the vehicle’s manufacturer.
Open the glove compartment, take out the Owner’s Manual, and find out what Volvo’s engineers had to say on that topic, as well as on everything other topic concerning the safe and economical operation of your car.

Use the octane recommended by the owner’s manual. If it says premium, I’d use premium.

If this car has a turbo-charged engine, like I think it does, I’ll bet premium is REQUIRED. I wouldn’t feed it anything else.

As others have stated, you should use what the owner’s manual says to use. If it says premium is recommended, you may use any grade of gasoline, but anything lower than premium will typically reduce performance and mileage. Bear in mind that the mileage reduction will also eliminate anything you might save at the pump.

If it says premium is required, then you must use premium or else engine damage can occur.

Motor Trend says premium required,Turbo 5 cylinder isn’t it? Hybrid is availble or not?. Nice looking car.