Occasional Towing


I want to get a vehicle I can use everyday but tow a small boat (roughly 3500 lbs) a couple of times a month. Gas mileage is very important to me when not towing as I drive a lot. Any suggestions for vehicles to consider? Preferably not a truck.


A Crown Vic would be at it’s upper limit pulling this weight, but it could do it especially if the boat trailer has functioning brakes and the towing distance was reasonable. Otherwise, a truck-based SUV (V8) is your only option…


A 3,500 lb boat isn’t necessarily small. You need a decent sized vehicle to maintain control when braking. If you are talking new car, the Toyota Venza with a V6 is rated for 3,500 towing capacity. The 4 cylinder version is only rated for 2,000 lbs.


Would it be cheaper to rent a car or truck for those times?


Double Check the weight of the boat, I have a 17.5’ fiberglass speedboat, dry weight listed as 750 lbs, a couple hundred for the trailer, few hundred more for 90 hp engine and gas, few hundred more for toys and misc, I could guess 1500 lbs, 3500 sounds too much to be a 3500 lb small boat.


Thank you for the suggestions, I used 3500 lbs because I knew it wouldn’t be more than that, and 3500 seems to be the break point to need something even bigger.

That being said, given that I can’t have a 3rd car, and don’t really want a bigger V-6 something full time for occasional towing, I really like the idea of renting for the few times we’ll need it during the season. Won’t have to pay year round for either wet/dry storage, increased insurance, gas, etc, etc. Again, thank you.


Renting’s a great way to go for things seldom used. I rent a ski boat when the mood hits, no boat/storage/maintenance $$. Same with a motorhome.