Obviously someone had a bad day with their CVT

I saw this on Facebook about a guy complaining about his CVT transmission. I know there were many problems, especially with Nissan, etc. but how have these progressed in recent years? Obviously this guy is not happy at all.


If you saw the original post or have traceability back to the OP you should alert the police. While it’s likely an attempt at dark humor, we can’t ignore stuff like this. A lot of bodily harm tragedies could have been avoided if truly unstable responses like the one you linked go unchecked.

Yeah, I’m serious.

Pretty sure it is just dark humor…


Someone has some antipathy toward CVT’s? hmmmm … Leonardo DeVinci had the basic idea and drawings for the CVT. It’s going to be hard to complain to him … lol …

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This was on a Mitsubishi Mirage page. The earlier CVTs in these cars were pretty much a 120,000 mile transmission, even with proper maintenance on schedule. They used the same supplier as Nissan and we know how that went. I opted for the manual as they are bulletproof.

That being said, there are stories like this one. This was a CVT and it served the owner quite well with just routine maintenance and nothing more. This has pretty much been my experience with this cheapo car. It is basic and no frills but very reliable.

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Re: Mitsubishi Mirage

Not a commonly seen vehicle here in San Jose. A little Googling shows they are fairly reasonably priced used as long as configured w/automatic transmission. Not many used Mirages with manual transmission available here, and those that are, considerable price premium. .

Lots of brands now use the CVT besides Nissan: Honda, Subaru, Toyota, etc. The Altima’s CVT problems ran from 2012 through 2017 according to carcomplaints. Maybe they’re better, or maybe they’re not old enough to fail yet. The Forester has had some CVT problems, but not the overwhelming number that the Altima had, compared to other issues.

I didn’t read the article, but I assume that “routine maintenance” means changing the fluid every 30k miles or so.

That is what I do with all of my cars, but we have to realize that most people do not do so. Then, when their trans fails at ~120k miles, they angrily swear that they will never buy that make of car again. After this happens to all of their cars–of different makes–I guess that they decide to go back to a horse & carriage, rather than analyzing why they keep having trans failures.

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The CVTs used in the Mirage had some pretty major deficiencies that led to their failure just as the ones used in many Nissan products did. People who changed the fluids as required (30,000 miles) still had major failures, usually right around 120,000 miles. I don’t think it was all poor maintenance although inexpensive cars like this do often get neglected.

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Both Honda’s and Subaru’s current lineups are almost all CVT (even base models, which would previously have been manual). Their decisionmakers seem to have confidence in the technology, but I’m still not convinced. They may be fine for light-duty transport but would you trust a CVT to tow a trailer?

My daughter has one and I service it. Reminds me of why I loved air cooled VW’s. Basic, reliable, no frills transportation.

I just wonder why Mitsubishi couldn’t have given it a taller top gear on the manual transmission. It really revs at highway speeds compared to the CVT.

Maybe emissions advantages? Car manufacturers have all sort of design constraints, gov’t emissions mandates being the first in the list I expect.

It is very possible.

I’ve heard CAFE standards have actually been the downfall of small pick up trucks in the USA.
It has to do with mpg calculations being more lax the heavier the truck and tougher on the light weight trucks.

Burdening the police with this stuff takes resources away from actual crimes that are more serious.

I don’t think people should be punished for “thought crimes”.

Don’t know enough about that topic to offer an opinion, but emissions standards on modern vehicles, especially the complexity involved with emissions testing that is foisted upon the driving public is likely to swing the pendulum back in the other direction, fewer standards, and less emissions testing, if not a total ban on emissions testing as is already appearing in some states. IMO questioning the existence of emissions testing isn’t a good thing. I prefer the cleaner air that comes with emissions testing, provided it is done using common sense. Requiring someone who owns a 70’s truck and a 90’s Corolla to drive the truck and park the Corolla, not common sense. Likewise telling a car owner to “drive some more” in order to pass an emission test, and when “driving some more” doesn’t do the trick, forcing them to pay $300 to a dealership to “repair” a car that isn’t broken, again, not common sense, and likely to engender anti-emissions testing sentiment in the voting public. .

With all the mass shootings happening lately, I can understand jtsanders point and concern bout this…
But I also think it has more to do with the amount of that type of posting a person does that should prompt the police to check them out… If most of there post are about how much they love there puppy dogs and where they had lunch and that type of thing then I don’t really see a red flag… But if most of their post is about depression, where to buy body armor, etc etc then that is more of a red flag…

When I saw this threads OP I thought it was very funny and have posted a lot of stuff like that on FB, but I also post (on FB) about my dogs, car, little bit of politics, repost a ton of FB cute crap and stupid people doing stupid stuff like what you would see on TV’s Funniest Videos and so on… Meaning I am all over the board with my postings…
But I am also one that when the SSA sent me to see a Psychotherapist for my Disability the 1st question I was asked was had I thought about killing anyone today or myself… I about fell out of my chair laughing… She didn’t think it was funny… I almost said no but it is only 7am, but I bit my tongue… lol…

So I guess you just have to look at everything a poster is posting about and not just one post before determining if they are a red flag or not…


The federal government sets the emission standards for vehicle manufactures. The former president placed a hold on the advancement of tightening of vehicle emission standards and fuel economy. Many people objected to this, some people welcome complexity and higher costs (use your search feature at the top of the screen).

States can discontinue vehicle emissions testing if the air quality meets federal standards, they don’t “ban” testing.

Of course not, anyone else would have replaced the ailing car with a modern vehicle. The money you spent on gasoline for the truck would have paid for a good used car.


To some degree nearly every person does what the creator of this most likely joke does. The story suggests someone looked up the legal consequences for assault and was deciding if it is worth it to assault someone.

Do you drive 10 MPH over the speed limit or 30 MPH over? Most drive closer to 10 MPH over because the legal trouble of 30 over is huge. There is no other reason. Why not steal from the store? Because of fear of the law. Why not cheat on your taxes? Because you could go to jail. Why not rob someone? You would be arrested and you could go to prison. Why not rob the cash delivery truck? It’s not worth the risk of getting caught and going to prison.

Probably the majority of people today think this way. It is fear of the law that keeps people behaving. If some legal loophole is discovered that lets you claim ownership of a vehicle that is parked in front of your house for a week, lots of people would take advantage of it even though it would be traditionally considered stealing. The joke is just a written expression of the thought process that probably goes through the minds of millions of Americans every day. It’s a good warning as to what a nation would quickly turn in to if there was a break down of law and order. The people who aren’t making jokes like this and posting them online are probably thinking about even worse things.

I am with you. I use the car to drive around providing mobile IT services so don’t need to carry a lot but need it to be reliable. It has been a great car but many cannot get past the no-frills nature of the car. It is a lot like the old VWs or Geo Metro in that respect. Those cars are tough as long as you can keep the rust at bay and do even the most basic maintenance. One issue with cheap cars such as these are that people barely have enough money to buy them and don’t maintain them or just view them as so cheap and ignore maintenance. There was a story from a Mitsubishi service tech about one being brought in that had never had the oil changed for 60,000 miles. Somehow it made it that far before wear and stretch of the timing chain allowed the engine to jump time, destroying the valves and pistons. I change my oil at 5,000 miles and the inside of the timing cover shows NO SIGNS of discoloration or sludge. It looks like a new engine with clean shiny aluminum.

I suspect that the reason there isn’t a 6th gear in the manuals is about cost as these are marketed as an affordable minimalistic car. I would like that as well but how many would pay extra for this? Also, it is my understanding that the CVTs are a two-speed automatic tied to a CVT so there are essentially two ranges. That was the way it was when I got mine but since they have changed the CVT to another make, this might be different in later models.

I test drove a CVT and didn’t mind they way it drove one bit. CVTs during my year were known for lots of failures and I prefer manuals.

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Be careful what you post and repost on Facebook. Research articles and Youtube videos on “like farming” and “facebook data mining” before doing this again. You would be amazed at how many people I see lured into scams through this crap and end up losing thousands of dollars or have their identity stolen. Also, those random questions about your favorite food, a car you remember fondly, where you grew up are just gathering demographic data and possible answers to password/security questions. People sit at home bored doing this and then wonder why they get hit. I tell people they are better off buying a few $1 scratch off tickets to pass the time. They might actually win which isn’t possible with a Facebook scam post.

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