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Obligation to repair at a specific place?

I had my 2004 Honda CRV diagnosed as needing new air conditioner for just under $2,000. I set up an appointment for next week. I decided to do a bit of research and find out if this was accurate. In my research I found that this is a problem with Honda. I called honda and they said that they might be able to “help” but I have to have it diagnosed at a Honda dealer. So am I obligated to get it fixed at the original place I took it if he has already ordered/received the part?

I also know that Honda is not obligated at this point to “help” - should I take the risk and pay for a second diagnoses?

You’re under no obligation at all. This happens all the time. You order a part for a vehicle prior to the repair date, and something happens where the vehicle doesn’t come in. I once ordered an AC condensor for a vehicle, and on the way over to have the condensor installed the vehicle was involved in an accident where it was totalled. Now who wants to put a new condensor in a totalled vehicle?


You are not committed to a repair until you drive in the door. I would at least see what Honda had to offer. $2000 will by a complete, new system for your HOUSE…

You are under no obligation. The first shop must understand it’s part of business.

If the shop went ahead and special ordered a part for you I feel you should pay whatever it cost the shop to get your parts. You are not obligated to have the repair done but pay his restocking and shipping fees. Do you ever want to use that shop again? You would not be so popular if the owner had to eat those costs,legally you are free and clear to do as you wish.

Required? No, but the right thing is to pay the restocking fees, if you end up having the dealer fix it. Explain the situation, have the mechanic hold the parts until you know. You may end up having the mechanic do it if the Honda ‘help’ isn’t enough.