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OBD P0011, bad ticking from valve covers, coolant in the oil, and both transmissions are missing

Ok not that last part, but I’m working on grandma’s 08 Taurus V6.The first symptom was the check engine light, flagging P0011 camshaft adv timing bank 1. When I popped the hood there was a bad rattling/ticking noise from the valve covers. Upon checking the oil, I found coolant in it and the coolant reservoir empty. I figured it would be the head gasket so I topped off the coolant and started the car. No bubbles from the reservoir and compression check was good. Please help I’m stumped. The car is light blue if that helps.

Well, since the car is light blue it could be an intake manifold gasket.

P0011 code is probably a VCT (variable camshaft timing) solenoid valve stuck or the VCT mechanism binding. Call your dealer to ask if there was a tech service bulletin (TSB) issued for the VCT solenoid valve. I think there was, but not sure.

Anyway, the bigger issue is your manifold gasket leak.