OBD Emissions

My Nissan 1997 SUV just failed for emissions. What can I do to repair it myself? Can I do it myself? Ie: change spark plugs, etc. Please help. I don’t have the money to take it in.

What did it fail for and what were the readings and/or codes? How many miles does it have on it.

I was just at our local smog station a day or so ago. To check your car, they plug their instrumentation into your OBD connector for 96 and later vehicles with no exhaust probe used. I was told that if there is no trouble code, then the vehicle will pass. Get your car checked for trouble code(s) for free at an AutoZone or other car parts store and post again with the code(s).

As was said, it would be helpful to post the smog test readings and legal limits from the paperwork that you should have received after the smog test.

States vary. Some do just the OBD hookup & download. Some do wands. Some do it at idle. Some do it dynamically. Some do a mix. In NH some years ago, only certain counties had smog testing, others none. It’s important to know what type(s) of test(s) was/were performed and what the resukts were.