O2 sensor over heating

Have 1994 F150 with 5.0L engine. Check engine light, intermitten on due to overheated O2 sensor. Replace sensor, light goes off. The sensor will last longer in cold weather but will fail with same code. Is the overheating due to an electrical problem from the ECU or ambient tempreture. Would like to sell truck but don’t want to hand the buyer a dozen O2 sensors. I get the replacement sensors from the Man Mall (Salvage Yard). Help is much appreciated.

Buy a new Ford sensor not used or after market.

What code specifically?

Problem could be in PCM which may not be turning off the power that heats the sensor. A new sensor from the dealer may fix the problem if it is sensor related. If you have the original there may be a specific part number. If not, the VIN will be used to get an exact replacement.