O2 sensor, "low voltage"

1998 gmc brand new O2 sensors, the check engine light came on checked it with an OBD II reader it said low voltage to O2 sensor. this happen before and after i changed it. how do i fix this

What’s the DTC code? P0xxx?


The last time I worked with a guy with the same problem was on an Explorer.

He had a blown HEGO system fuse.

ok thanks i will check that out.

OOPS the guy with the Explorer had 3 shiny new O2 sensors that were dead because of a blown fuse

I see your PO137 is a different animal alltogether.

See this link http://www.obd-codes.com/p0137

that is very helpful information thanks i have needed to replace my “cats” for i while now so that might just do it. thank you for everyones time

If there is low voltage to the sensor, the problem may not be caused by the sensor, as the others have pointed out.