O2 sensor issue

97 Ram 1500 170,000: Engine running rough yesterday and dies. Got a code for O2 sensor. Car ran fine with sensor unplugged so I replaced sensor. Today with new sensor plugged in car began to loose power and stall. Any Ideas?

What was the exact DTC code before and after the O2 sensor replacement?

I am getting p0132, 0135 and 0141. I just checked all fuses and they are fine. Truck runs bad with rear sensor unplugged and front plugged in. Thanks

Here’s some info for you.

  1. There are no codes that say “replace O2 sensor.” There are only codes that say there are specific problems with the O2 sensor circuit or O2 sensor reading. In your specific case, it looks like you probably have a wiring or a PCM issue. (This assumes that both O2 sensors were connected and codes cleared before you pulled the DTCs.)
  2. The rear sensor does not effect the running of the engine. It is only there to tell on you if your catalytic converter should stop functioning correctly.