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NYC mayor wants more RLC

Not only more cameras, but wants to publish every violators name in the local papers

There’s a certain personality that gravitates to elected office - the ‘I know what’s best, you don’t, and I’ll prove it’ kind of personality. Good example here.

Bad news. Its not so funny how these things tend to work. My own full experience wasn’t a RLC but an automated speeding camera along a Maryland interstate. It works like this - there’s a machine on the side of the road. In a mere fraction of a second it accuses, tries, and convicts you. You get the ticket in the mail but have no way of challenging because you don’t have enough information to do so. The state legislature & courts have already decided that the implementation process and machines are valid & trustworthy. They decided this largely because the company that made the machines assures them that the machines’ operations are trustworthy and valid. So the state “knows” you’re guilty by virtue of having your picture come out of the machine. And even if you want to challenge, you’ve got nothing to work with. But the companies that make the machines are making plenty of $$ and so are the states, at least some of the time.

I had a long conversation with the guy in charge of the MD program. Its bad news. I believe that its actually illegal to have sex with the lights on in the state of Virginia. I’m waiting for someone to mount the surveillance camera on my road. Did I say it was bad news?

Not surprised. Bloomberg is one of the worst nanny-state b&$#@&ds there is!

the city brought in $52 million in fines generated by red light cameras last year alone.

it is all about money…

The cameras are bad enough but publishing it in the paper? That kind of thing is public record. If someone wants to know about someone else’s traffic record then let them go down to city hall and request a copy.

My gut feeling is that someone (say people in authority at various newspaper offices such as the NY Times) have been putting pressure on Bloomberg to do this as a means of offsetting their declining readership.
You help us to bump our revenue up from publishing this stuff at taxpayer expense and we won’t have to resort to critical reviews of your job performance… :slight_smile:

There’s always, always, a financial angle behind things.

And yet, the trend is different elsewhere:

Note that LA was apparently losing money overall.

cigroller, I feel your pain. I was on a highway that I was not familiar with, 65 mph speed limit, I was running 65-70. As i went over a bridge over an interstate, the downhill side changed from 65 to 50 and about 100 yds beyond that was one of those automated speed traps.

I passed it at just over 65 but for some reason, I never got the ticket. My lucky day I guess.