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NY vs CA vehicle inspection/emissions test

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It’s not how CLEAN the cars are, it’s HOW MANY cars there are…Air is never quite the same after it’s pumped through a IC engine…

NO! It is not difficult or expensive to get out-of-state cars registered or to pass smog test in California. It used to be, about 20 years ago, that California insisted any used car from out of state had to be “converted” or the owner pay an extra “smog fee” when it was brought in, but they lost a federal lawsuit and have since dropped that nonsense. Yes, it has to pass a smog test, but any decently running car should pass it, and New York’s smog test is based on California’s, so if it passes in NY it should pass in CA.

As others have pointed out, most cars are 50 state legal these days anyway. The thing California was trying to avoid in the 70s and 80s was people buying new cars in Arizona or other neighboring state, then bringing them in as used cars with only a few hundred miles on them. In those days most cars had a different version just for California emissions.

Can’t you keep your political overtures to yourself, and leave this forum to actual mechanical questions and responses? No one in this thread said anything at all that has anything to do with politics, and yet here you are spouting political hate.

If you are not capable of separating your political views from an automotive help forum, you should leave, as you are a bad person with no self control, and we can survive quite well without your political vomit spewed all over our little slice of the internet.


NY adopted CA emissions equipment prior to 2001, so if the car is running properly, it will pass.

I see navigation still stinks on this site.

Makes sense, but are the tests 100% the same using the same equipment? We can spend well over $20,000 in equipment just to test a car.