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Nutty subaru outback

Does anyone have an idea about what is wrong with my 96 Subaru Outback?? It has trouble starting, but only if I try to start it less than 1 hour after I have turned it off. If it has been more than 1 hour, then it starts fine. Sometimes I can get it to start if I pump the gas and floor the gas when I start it. Othertimes, I have to wait 5 minutes and then it will start for me again. I have put in a new battery, a new fuel filter, ran fuel cleaner through 3 times, and put in a new starter. My mechanic doesn’t know what is wrong.

I don’t think your mechanic has been given or taken the right training not to figure this out.

You have a fuel pressure issue in that the system is not holding the pressure up.

There is a fuel pressure regulator that does this job.

Try this the next time you attempt a start after an hour or so: Turn the key to the ON position then to the OFF position a few times before attempting to start.

This action primes the fuel system (providing the pump is working properly).

Thanks. It worked so far. Does this mean I need a new fuel pressure regulator or fuel pump?

If this is a fuel problem it seems strange to me that the starting will work ok after the car has sat for an hour, unless the fuel pump is the problem. The fuel pump relay may be the problem also.