2013 Subaru Outback - Starting issues

car has issues starting about 40% of the time, usually in the morning and after is sits about 6 hrs.
If it was a really old car (like me) I would look to the carborater or fuel pump. It turns over great, it just seems like its not getting fuel. Any ideas???

Fuel pump back-flow valve is leaking OR a fuel injector is leaking pressure down overnight.

To prove or disprove this, turn the key to ON but not crank… listen for the fuel pump to “hummmm” Turn the key off, repeat 3-4 times and then crank the car. If it starts right up, the pressure is leaking down overnight. Try a bottle of fuel injector cleaner in the gas tank. If that doesn’t clear it up, the fuel pump may need to be replaced.

I’ll give it a try.