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Number 3 spark plug miss

no preaser in gas tank

That post makes no sense. Is there a question? A description?

You apparently have a P0303 code? That would be a cylinder 3 misfire which could be from a spark plug or from something else.

And then I have to assume that “preaser” must mean “pressure” - ? But I don’t know what that had to do with the gas tank. Do you mean that you have no fuel pressure? That would give you a whole different problem from a misfire on one cylinder.

If you can say something more then maybe someone could say something of substance.

when you remove your gas cap you should have a little pressur i do not
my ob2 says could a miss on # 3 spark plug? lean on left bank?
how do i fix this?

It’s really hard to understand what exactly you’re saying. I suggest you take it to a mechanic. Or sound out your words or something.

Post the codes from the obd2 reader - the actual Pxxxx numbers.

Sometimes your gas cap will release pressure, sometimes not so much. It is irrelevant to the misfire/lean condition.

Posting the codes would be best, but you can look at this:

If you have P0174 it should help. If you also have P0303 I’d chase the P0174 first since it might be responsible for the misfire.