Not your normal?


I am modifing a 2001 chrysler pt cruiser for road course racing i need to get rid of the ABS opption because it is not allowed in this type of event how can i do this.


Pull the ABS fuse, that should take care of it. If you have to absolutely remove the hardware, I’m sure you could swap out the master cylinder for one from a non-ABS car.

Just out of curiosity, why did you pick a PT Cruiser?


I dont like being the norm it is a different paltform to build a race car from. Besides I originally bought it as a credit builder because my credit was crap i am currently getting ready to buy a chevy 3500 hd I have paid the car off almost completly and figured why get rid of it so now it has become my project car,had I known it was going to be such a pain in the ass to do this i probably would have just made it a show car and found somthing else to build from.the chrysler people said i would have to find a pt with the same production date and and model send the vin because i would have to replace the power control module wich i didnt get i did not make alot of sense to me i have to do the same thing for the trany swap i am doing auto to 5 speed.