Not the best response

This cartoon is a bit extreme, but it does lead to a chuckle or two.

But so stereotypical of most diy…AFTER it’s too late…ask for advice !

What happened?
The cartoon that I posted less than 1 hour ago has disappeared–at least on my screen.

If you can’t see the cartoon, then–of course–this thread will not make any sense.

Okay…now I can see the cartoon again…

Hmm. I can’t see it. Did you embed the image using the button on the toolbar?

I can see it just fine…small in the post plus large when I click on the cartoon.

Now–just like on Carolyn’s computer–it has disappeared from my screen again.
Yes, I did embed it by using the button on the toolbar.

…and now…it’s back.
I just can’t figure out the…sometimes there, sometimes missing…aspect of this!

That cartoon reminds me that one day a car was left with the complaint that the brake were failing and the pedal would drop to the floor. When I was moving the car inside I first started it and while in park pressed the brake pedal and found it firm and steady so I shifted to reverse and although the car was at a fast idle it didn’t move so I proceeded to drive into the shop and as I approached the lift I stepped on the brakes and the pedal dropped out. As I was desperately stomping on the parking brake the car skidded into a Sun Scope and then pushed a tool box into a large work bench which stopped the car. It was a truly professional moment.

I cannot find it. Performed anyone upload the particular image while using the option on the toolbar?