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Not starting

94 Saab will not start in the mornings , it cranks but wont fire , runs fine later in day with no problems at all . Than next morning a repeat performance of not starting.

Well, apparently it does start at some point. So maybe you can fill in the fuzzy details about when it does start / what you do to start it…Walk us through it.

I don’t know what to say I basically don’t do anything but engage the clutch and turn the key and it will fire right up . It sounds crazy but that is the way it is .

No - apparently you don’t just fire it up since you’re saying its not starting. So lets start at the beginning. In the morning you turn the key and the car cranks over fine but won’t fire up - yes?

Ok, but you said it runs fine later in the day, right? So in the morning, you try to start it and it won’t start. So then you…? Forget it for a few hours and then come back and it starts right up? Wait 15 minutes? Crank it and crank it and crank it and eventually it starts? How much time passes between the morning and when it runs fine? Is it 15 minutes? One hour? 5 hours? What are your mornings like in terms of temperature & moisture? Is it cold & dewy in the morning and then warm & dry later on, for instance? Whatever it is, your car won’t start in the mornings but then apparently later starts. Describe. If it varies give a “typical” day.

I usually get up about 3:00 in the morning to get ready for work . At that time I’ll go out and try to get the car started . I’ll usually do this 3 to 4 times in ruffly an half hour period. If it doesn’t start and it hasn’t I just go work and start it when I get home about 2 in the afternoon . As far as the weather I live in Massachusetts it has been cool about 20 degrees when I get up in the mornings and around 35 degrees during the days . It has been raining every night, clearing latter in day , since I bought the car . With the exception of today . It has been raining all day and the car hasn’t started at all today .

You need to have someone check out your entire ignition system. Wet weather + non starting means that in all likelihood your car can’t get good spark.

Thanks for your time . That is my next move .

Poor starting in cold and damp weather means you need to get some new ignition parts. Plugs for sure. Not sure if your Saab has a distributor cap, rotor, and traditional plug wires but suspect it does, if so replace them too.

Thanks for your responses ’ I just got off the phone with a local mechanic ,he is going to check it out it for me , than do a tune up .
Again Thanks

I have owned over 8 Saab 900’s… Cold start issues are usually attributed to the failure of your “cold Start” valve…which is basically another fuel injector that is used when cold. When your engine temp gauge is faulty is doesnt register the proper engine temp and does not trigger the cold start valve as it should. Do a search for Cold Start valve or Cold Start problems on the net…or much better yet…on the Saabnet…it will fully describe the solution. I believe that there is a special temp gauge on the engine for the cold start system to function properly.

If you own a Saab and dont already know about the Saabnet then you must go there IMMEDIATELY…it is almost impossible to comfortably afford any Saab without visiting this website…the guys there know absolutely everything about Saabs and are eager to help.

The site also has a searchable database to use to search for issues exactly like your own…it will include the persons question and everyones previous responses…and whats great is that after everyone gives their advice the original poster ALMOST ALWAYS comes back to say thank you and tell everyone what exactly wound up being the issue or resolution…UNLIKE ON THIS FORUM…I never see anyone tell us what fixed their problem after we give advice…it would be nice to see more of that…or maybe I just dont see it on here…that could be I guess

Tune it up and check the ect sensor for accuracy