Not passing emissions test in TX

My car has some high exhaust emissions and seems to be either un-burned gas or bad EGR valve. Since this car has no EGR valve, I’m lost. I have changed plugs & wires, O2 sensor. It lacks power at low speed but when the RPM’s come up it runs like normal. Daily driving is no problem but it just won’t pass the yearly test here in TX.

You’re going to have to clarify exactly what is out of whack. Unburned gas and a perceived EGR fault can lead in different directions.

It would help to know if the car has been scanned and if so, what are the codes if any?

Need more details! Type of car, year, miles driven, age of the catalytic converter…

Sure the car doesn’t have an EGR?

Or does it use a block-off plate?

Why, exactly, did it fail??