Not coming home!


I’m not comming back to the USA because of a very good rezone.

#1. The USA has $9,364,554,673,553.00 in debt (Yes thats Trillion), and it’s rising on an average of $1.56 Billion every day because of the war in Iraq and many other places.

#2. 36 million people live in poverty in the USA including 13 million children.

#3. More then 18,000 adult die every year because they lack insurance, also 10 million children lack insurance.

#4. Over all 18,314 people die because they lack preventative health care, a timely diagnoses or appropriate care.

This is more then 10x what was killed in 9/11!!

Whats worng with the American’s thinking?

Why are they trying to elect people to office only because there Black or a Women and not because of the things they stand for and what they will do and not just what they say they will do…

I wanted to come back to my home but there is no home there for me.


It appears you totally lack an understanding of CarTalk and the USA. CarTalk is talk about cars! As for your comments, if you were really serious about them, you would work for the changes you believe in. That’s the way it works in the US. If you are not willing to do that, then I guess getting out is your best option. Working for change is not always easy as usually it means a lot of people believe other than you do.