Not actual Miles on a CPO vehicle being financed

Need help , back in 2017 I bought a CPO 2016 Toyota Highlander XLE, with 11858 miles I’m still making payments on it , my wife is pregnant and we need to upgrade to a minivan so I took the car to a friend that has a dealership to help me find out how much the car wis worth , so he pulled a Carfax on the car , to my surprise he tells me Toyota sold me a Branded title :Not actual miles , he tells me nobody will pay me way the car is worth because of the branded title , can I sue the dealership for selling me a branded title or could they help me fix that … thanks in advance

Your friend should know that Carfax is not always correct . Your DMV is the first place to check . Then if they confirm it is a branded title and you have paper work showing selling mileage contact Toyota corporate.


Thanks a lot , I will go to the DMV to confirm mileage , and yes I have paperwork showing that it was actual miles when I made the purchase .

You might also request the reason for the brand, if they find one at DMV. Please let us know what you find.

Do you have other children? I am just wondering why a Highlander is not bug enough for 2 people and a baby?

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Anyone who has cared for a baby in the last 10 years will confirm that there is so much gear that goes along with the kid, and some of it, like the car seat, is huge. I doubt we are the only grandparents who found our vehicles were too small to accommodate that rear facing car seat.

Do you not have the title in your possession and if you do did you not ever notice it was branded?

As mentioned, Carfax is not accurate all of the time BUT since it does show up on CF it will probably be considered the Gospel truth by any dealer.

As to a suit, that is a tort issue and varies by state. In OK for example one has 2 years to file a suit. After that it will get thrown out if filed after the 2 years is up.

So much for CPO vehicles; again

C’mon, the Highlander has 3 rows and a little storage, or two rows and a lot of storage. We didn’t move to a minivan until we had three children, and then from a Taurus. My daughter has a Mazda CX-5, and there is plenty of room for the 3 of them. There’s plenty of room for them in her husband’s Accord EX. They usually travel in the Honda.

CPO - All that means to me is that it is certified to be a used vehicle. Probably should have a count on how many people have logged on here complaining about their CPO not really being as good as it should.


Every Toyota CPO vehicle comes with a vehicle history report that includes title information and odometer readings. When did the title become “branded”? Which dealer is wrong about the title?

Your buddy may have miss typed the VIN.
Carfax may have entered the wrong VIN in their report. good luck on getting that fixed.
The incident that caused a “Branded Title” may not have been reported to Carfax in time, before the dealer certified the car.

And another cause, could just be someone that serviced the car, that reports to Carfax entered the wrong mileage on a service report. good luck on getting that fixed.

Just noticed that… maybe a slip of the pen.

Agreed… but minivans are easier to use. Any car works OK when it’s a simple trip here and there. When you have the car seat, play crib, stroller, etc, the van is more accommodating, with the fold away seats and the side getting out of your way.

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Anybody have this happen? My insurance company has the wrong VIN number in their computers for one of my vehicles. The DMV issued the title and it is correct on the title and the DMV has the correct VIN. As part of every yearly registration the DMV checks w/my insurance company to make sure I have the required insurance, and the insurance company says the VIN doesn’t match. So the DMV writes me a letter saying they won’t register my car. I write to the DMV and a copy to the insurance company explaining the situation, and then the DMV sends me the registration ok. This happens every single year, and every single year the insurance company is informed they have the wrong VIN in their computers and say they’ll correct it. In 15 years, never corrected, the insurance company still has the wrong VIN in their computers. I’ve written to the insurance company head office, my own insurance agent, this is a problem that seems unsolvable … lol …

I’m wondering… maybe take out a brand new insurance policy with the company, then cancel the old? I did that to change my address after the USPS complained about North in front of my street. (That was the old street label.) They would change the address, mail new ID cards, and it’d come to the old address.

I’ll bet someone transposed a couple letters in the VIN (though the software is supposed to catch that).

Somebody at the insurance company indeed must have done that b/c prior to 15 years ago they had the correct VIN, as evidenced by the insurance cards they sent me back then. Everyone at the insurance company, corporate and local, seems to agree with me on this point, but they simply are unable to correct it. I’ve considered just changing insurance companies, but doing that would be more work than just writing a letter to the DMV and the insurance company once a year. By now I have the letter already stored on the computer so all I have to do is change the date and mail 2 copies again . Repeating this year after year must eat up a lot more of the insurance company and DMV resources than mine.

Well, just so long as you don’t get an overly inquisitive cop or inspection station. That really is odd it would change mid stream, but I can understand how that could happen, especially if the company installed auto-select on that VIN field.