Normal Oil Pressure Range 2003 Jaguar

I have a 2003 Jaguar S Type 3.0l V6 base model. The oil light came on when at a stop sign idling. It only flashed for a second. It has done this a handful of times, but not all the time. Always at idle and never when cruising at any other speed. I want to test the oil pressure, but I can’t find what the normal oil pressure operating range is. Can anyone help? Thank you!

The most common cause of an oil pressure light coming on when the engine is idling is a bad oil pressure switch.

If the engine doesn’t make any noise while the light is on/flickering, I’d change that first.


Thank you Tester. I agree. That is my plan since I have not heard any engine noises. I just figured since I have the oil switch out to throw my oil pressure gauge on it to validate the pressure at idle, but I need a reference point.

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Mr. Google says oil pressure should be 25 to 65 . At idle 20 is not to low but 25 to 35 is better .

There are Jaguar Forums . - Jaguar Repair Information Resource

Thank you Volve-V70. Are those Jaguar specs for S Type 3.0?

Thank you weekend-warrior. I have the Factor Service Manual for the vehicle but I for the life of me cannot find the oil pressure specs for the S-Type 3.0.

How many miles? All oil changes by the book? If it’s not the sender, it could be worn bearings.

Low oil pressure can also be caused by sludge in the engine on the oil screen or worn cam saddles and even with excessive crankshaft bearing wear it’s quite possible to have low oil pressure and no knocking.

Sometimes a sender wire connector can develop corrosion. That increases the resistance in the circuit and in turn has a tendency to drive the needle lower even though the oil press. may be fine. Might try unplugging it and plugging it back in to see what happens.

There’s also the issue of the type of oil in the engine and how long that filter has been on there.


Just a WAG, but I’d want to see at least 20 psi at hot idle on any automotive gas engine.

Thank you texases.

Thank you circuitsmith for your insight.

Agree. Thank you ok4450