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Nokian W

What do you recommend for tire pressure on these winter tires? I drive a '98 Accord, manual transmission. Since the tires were put on my car my mileage has dropped to about 26 mpg from about 30 mpg. The tire store said they inflated all 4 tires to 32 psi. Any recommendations that will up my mileage with these tires?

Check the pressure again.

I own the same tires(Nokian WR) and noticed a 1MPG loss when switched but my average MPG is 23MPG.

Winter tires do have slight to much higher rolling resistance than most (non winter rated) all-season tires.

The correct tire pressure for your car is the pressure that is noted on the label affixed to the driver’s door jamb–plus perhaps an extra couple of lbs. of pressure.