Noisy Front End


I drive a 1995 Nissan Quest. Altogether, the car has 197,750 miles, most driven in California, with the last 40,000 driven in Massachusetts. The noise started about 8 months ago.

When I turn the steering wheel hard left or right, I get a ?click and clack? sound from the front of the vehicle. It’s as if marbles were being rolled down a metal wash board but very sharp and loud enough for people to turn and stare. The van handles well and has passed MA vehicle inspections for the last 5 years so I?m guessing it?s not the ball joints.

I’ve looked at the wheels and have only found one ripped rubber boot on the right hand drive axle.

Am I driving a time bomb here or is it something I can wait to fix this until it’s time to do some front end fix in the future?

Thanks for all and any help, Dave