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Noisy engine

I drive a 2000 Volvo V40 and am its original owner. Since November I have been hearing a helicopter-like sound coming from the engine compartment that increases in loudness as I increase speed and am applying more gas, say to climb a hill.

The dealership mechanic found that the motor mounts needed replacing, and that corrected the heavy vibration I was feeling in the steering wheel but not the sound that is like a helicopter overhead.

I will take it back to the dealer after I have a better idea of the source from anyone who is familiar with my description.

Any thoughts?


Could you open the hood (parked, obviously) and have someone push down on the gas while you listen . . . and try to isolate where in the engine compartment the noise is coming from? And maybe elaborate on the helicopter description? Is it like a whoosh? A chopping? A banging? Knocking? Rocketman

If the motor mounts were bad it’s possible you have a small crack in the exhaust system, and that’s where the noise is coming from.