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Noisy but otherwise perfect muffler-96 Avalon 200K miles

Is there a cheap and easy fix or at least an improvement approach to the noise caused by deteriorating asbestos, the weak spot in an otherwise rust free good condition muffler on a 96 Avalon-200K miles?

If this is the asbestos “doughnut” seal between the flanges, it’s a cheap fix…simple install a new doughnut. That’s the only asbestos in the system.

If it’s an interior muffler deterioration, it’s a baffle. Muffler replacement is the only solution.

It it’s a hole, a muffler patch from the parts store is a good plaster repair, but it isn’t permanent. Rot holes are like insects, if you see one you can bet there are more on the way.

If it is noisy, it is not perfect. The casing is fine, but it is rotted away inside. The internal baffles and packing all work together to quiet the exhaust. If the packing is coming out, the baffles are rotted and not holding the packing in place. To fix it is to replace it.

I’d change it now before the lousy weather makes it an inconvenient fix later. That is, if you’re doing it yourself. If not, your mechanic will appreciate your bring it in on a nice Fall day as opposed to having slush fall on his head while changing it in January. Rocketman