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Noisy 2008 Lexus

Have 2008 Lexus SUV 350 with 17,000 miles. When cold, engine has clicking noise until car warms up. Dealer says this is normal for aluminum engine block. Is it?

I’ve heard of an engine “clicking” as it cools, usually from the exhaust, but not when it’s warming up. Todays fuel injected cars will have a clicking sound from the engine caused by the injectors but you usually can’t hear it with the hood closed. Maybe someone else can give you an idea what is causing it.

Is this recent or has it always been so ?

Started out early on with a sound only a husband could hear (Don’t you hear that?!) Now loud enough that it’s audible to anyone in the car.

Have had a bunch of Toyotas and all with timing chains were noisier than belts during warm up. In a well insulated Lexus, it “may” sound only like a clicking sound. I don’t know if your model has a chain. Is it substantially louder with hood open ?