Noises in toyota htbrid

my new’09 toyota hybrid develops a "transmission or electric motor whine when decelerating to a stop in the l0-15 MPH range

Do They All Do That?

Have you asked your dealer to listen? Arrange to take another one of your dealer’s similar new cars for a ride and see if it makes the same sound. Do you have a reason to suspect a problem? Maybe they really all do that.

I believe you are hearing the alternator regenerating the battery pack. It more pronounced since your gas engine is off typically so you hear the transmission like any other car.

I believe the noise is there to make it sound futuristic.

thank you for the response–it makes the most sense of all the replys

my experience with dealers is very poor–they try to sluff you off with replies that insult your intelligence–thanks for the suggestion but it assumes that dealers are honest and competent