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Noise/Vibration from front end after tire r&b + brake inspection

Car is 87 Accord, nearly 190k.

2 days ago the car was visiting my independent mechanic for it’s regular oil change, tire rotation and balancing per 6,000 miles, and I asked them to inspect the brakes since all the wheels would be off anyway.

As soon as I picked up the car and drove off, I noticed noise that would indicate a wheel bearing has failed. It’s noticeable starting at approx. 30MPH and at higher speeds I can feel vibration in the brake pedal and floorboard near the clutch pedal. Yikes.

The left front wheel bearing has already been replaced, very very recently.

My question is, could my shop have possibly screwed something up to cause this problem, or is it just pure coincidence that my other wheel bearing decided to go bad when I picked up the car ?

I’m driving this car on a ~80 mile road trip Friday so I want to get this addressed before I go. I’m taking the car back tomorrow to inquire, I just wanted to see if it was possible for the shop to be at fault, before I go in there and suggest that they made a mistake.

Any info helps. Thanks.

They might have misbalanced a wheel or didn’t torque the lug nuts correctly. If its the latter, tighten the lug nuts first with your tire wrench in the trunk, then take it back and get it torqued properly.