Noise after replacing head

Just started my 1997 SL2 after replacing the head with a rebuild. Started great but noticed a grinding sound under my timing cain cover for an instant each time I accelerated the engine. I’m guessing that the chain tension is not being maintained very well and that the chain is slapping on the inside of the cover. I replaced the timing chaing but not any of the guides or the spring loaded block that pushes against the left side chain guide. I’m guessing that I’ll have to take the chain cover off and replace the guides and the spring loaded block. Any other choices?
Right now it sounds like a deseal engine when I first acclerate (chain dragging on cover noise).

sounds like a plan

It might be wise to jump right on that project. You might have let the tensioner jump out of its bore.

You should ALWAYS replace the guides and tensioner when you replace a timing chain…Sprockets too…Engines don’t wear out one part at a time…ALL the parts wear out together. A nice uniform package of worn-out parts…

have you seen the prices of some of these kits Ford 4.0l sohc is over a greand