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No water smell

I have water in my car and my temperature gage does not go to hot but every time I drive my car it has that “no water burning smell” What could the problem be. Every time I check my water it is full

Do you mean that the engine smells as if it has overheated from lack of coolant?

How many miles does it have on it?
Is it leaking any oil? Oil can sometimes get onto the manifold and cook.

Is it burning any oil? How much?

It has the smell like there is no water or coolant in it. But every time I check those things there is. There is 126,000 miles on it. It was leaking oil and I got my valve cover gasket replaced and new spark plugs and new wires cause oil had gotten all over them.

I’m inclined to suspect that residue of leaking oil is being burned off.

Perhaps the best approach would be to have the engine steam cleaned and then keep an eye on it to see where the oil is coming from. If the valvecover gasket was leaking oil, it’s a safe bet that it’s leaking elsewhere too.

A stuck PCV valve can contribute by not allowing venting of crankcase pressures. A new one can be obtained from any parts store for about $15 and replacing it is a simple DIY job. I recommend this as a first step.