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No power to start car occasionaly

My car has started to on occasion not have any power when I turn key. I can try it several times and then poof, the power is there and it stars with no trouble. HELP!

When I say no power, there is nothing, no dash lights no sound, Absolutely nothing!

It might be a bad/loose/corroded battery connection or cable. What year is the car? How many miles? How old is the battery? Have the connections cleaned, check that the cables are in good shape, see if that helps.

96,250k, battery is 6 years old. I cleaned the connections and everything seems to be good. It started and i drove it, got home turned off car and she started again. Maybe that was it. I will have to wait and see as it would happen Sporadically. Thanks

6 years is pretty long on most batteries, it could even develop an internal ‘open’ that wats intermittant. If you’re keeping the car, it wouldn’t be a waste of money to get a new battery.

It is a titaium battery with a 3 yr full warr and an 8 year prorated warr. I guess it still could be bad. I guess i should go have it tested?