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Radio, lights, etc. work but car wont start

This '95 chevy lumina is probably at the bottom of the list of worst cars I have ever bought. Now…, car drove fine all day. took my son to mcdonalds, came out an hour later and the car seemed to have battery power but would not start, no clicking, no revving or wanting to start, nothing. I put the car into neutral, nothing, back into park, nothing. tried it 7 or 8 times, and lo and behold it started. drove it home, drove fine. Any ideas?


Yes! Have the positive battery cable assembly replaced.

Your car has the side mount battery terminals. And at the positive terminal is a two wire/siameze connection under the red rubber cover. Corrosion can form under this rubber cover and cause the exact symtoms you describe. Normally I would just say to check this area for the problem. But since the vehicle is fifteen years old just replace it.