No power 2002 Escort ZX2


I just bought this 2 months ago and it has ~ 54000 miles. Left for work a couple of mornings ago and when I hit the gas it disieled and had no power. The more I hit the gas, the worse it is. It was low on fuel - but the low fuel light was NOT on. After getting it turned around, and being very frustrated, I limped it home. The check engine light only came on as it was missing terribly at this point. I had it scanned at the local Advance and it said the MAF sensor was bad. I replaced it and it did NOTHING to help. I pulled the fuel filter and I could blow through it quite easily, also checked the exhaust and it seems to be blowing fine as well. I put gas in it with a bottle of Heet and a bottle of fuel system cleaner. Now the check engine light is on all the time, the onle way to get the car to move is to very SLIGHTLY touch the gas pedal, anything more and it boggs out - it actually idles fine and revs fine while in park. Had it rescanned and no new codes showed. Don’t know what to do next, short of having the entire system computer checked. Any help?


You could do some trouble-shooting yourself with a digital multimeter. You should check the tps (throttle position sensor), first. An investment in the Haynes, or Chilton’s, manual is well worth the price.


I would check fuel pressure next.Ive seen these pumps go bad at this mileage.