No passing gear

I recently puchased a 1989 S-10 Blazer 2 wheel drive. The seller told me it had a replacement (used) 2.8L engine installed shortly before he bought it. Due to the insatallation I would guess by inexperienced people. My question is that it has no passing gear. It is a T-5 manuel Transmision. When you kick down the throttle it simply won’t kick down into a passing mode, just accelerates slowly. Any help would be appreciated…Thank you

There is something wrong here, either with the information given, or with my interpretation of the information.

If this vehicle does indeed have a manual transmission (or even a transmission built by someone named Manuel), rather then an automatic transmission, there is no “passing gear” that will automatically kick in when you floor the gas pedal.

Simply stated, manual transmissions change gears when they are shifted by the driver, and do not shift automatically. If this is a 5-speed manual transmission, fairly slow acceleration is to be expected at highway speeds if the transmission is in 5th (Overdrive) gear. If the driver wants to have more acceleration power, it is necessary to downshift (MANUALLY!) to 4th gear, or perhaps even 3rd gear, depending on the speed at which the vehicle is being driven.

Perhaps the OP is trying to tell us that the engine simply has very little power when the gas pedal is floored, rather than telling us that this manual transmission is failing to act like an automatic transmission.

OP–What type of transmission does this vehicle have?
What exactly are you trying to tell us?

There is no such thing as a “passing gear”. What you need is a downshift into a lower gear.

If the transmission is a manual as you state, your job as a driver is to push in on the clutch and move the level either from 5 to 4 or from 4 to 3. Then you’ll get the power you need.

If the transmission is an automatic it should drop down one, or sometimes two, gears on its own depending on how far down you depress the gas petal. An automatic transmission that won’t downshift at all is malfunctioning and needs attention that is usually beyond what a back yard mechanic can provide.

I was comparing this vehicle to a non fuel injected I guess. I am remembering that carbirated engines have “2nd 2 barrel” kick in, if it is a 4 barrel. I feel a little silly now, I knew I would have to downshift, but I wasn’t thinking about EFI. Thanks for the fast responses!!!

This '89 Blazer is the first fuel-injected vehicle that you have ever driven?
And, to think, people sometimes tell me that I don’t get out often enough!

Not the 1st EFI, but the 1st manual transmission EFI…but , yes, I really do need to get out more often!!! Thanks again, guys…