No heat

no heat in winter and it over heats in summer. i have changed thermastate clutch fan, cant figer it out, any body got any ideas.

The most obvious thing is you may not have kept up with the vehicle’s maintenance requirements for coolant change. You don’t indicate year or mileage or engine or the maintenance history. Maybe this cooling system can be salvaged, maybe not.
I think you would have had plenty of heat if the cooling system was working well but the fan was not. If you want an answer you need to provide as many facts about this car possible.

How old is the car, how many miles?

In general it sounds like you have bad circulation of the cooling system. Have you ever flushed and filled? Prestone makes some juice that you add to the radiator, drive it around for a bit, drain and refill with new coolant and viola, the circulation is back to normal. For a few dollars more (assuming you have flexible cooling lines) you can add an adapter that attaches to a garden hose to aid with the flush. This is easy enough to do for someone semi-familiar with car repairs. Hopefully you live somewhere warm this time of year, because I hate doing this work in the cold for fear of freezing the engine block once you replace the coolant with water and the prestone juice and circulating it for the 3 hours it recommends. Last time I did this during winter, I ran about a dozen errands never leaving the car off for more than 20 minutes after getting it to opperating temperature.

this a 92 ford bronco with 351 it has 15000 miles, bought used and has been this way since i purched it. dont know if it is the origanl motor, all stock no mods. it has been flushed new hose, new termastate, new cooent, new cap, checked for bad head gaskets and good, the only thing that has not changed is water pump, not leaking but wondering if it may be the wrong rotation. what would be the caristic of a reversed water pump?.jeff

what would be the caristic of a reversed water pump?

The main characteristic of a reversed water pump would be poor engine cooling (overheating).

Do your heater hoses get hot? If not, then your heater core or something else is clogged.
If they do get hot, then your blend air door is stuck in the cold position. I don’t recall if the blend air door on a 92 Bronco is electric or just mechanical cable activated.

sorry 150000 miles, in summer it gets realy hot up to 212 in say 3-4 miles and than its like thermastat opens and goes down to about 150-170 deg mostly stay there. some times it warms up again. i have 2 temp gauges to monter. but in winter i cant even get 100 deg even with rad complete blocked off. jeff

is there a difference in v belt and serp belt pumps and how can you tell what you have? thought a bout trying to start it up with out the belt on and watch the gauges to see if it warm up normal. what do ya think. jeff