No heat after new heater core

I had a new heater core installed in my 1999 Dodge Dakota. (had plenty of heat before) The “mechanic” (on the 3rd try) put in a factory core,still very little heat, 95 degrees.

I don’t think the water pump is bad, (had heat before) the supply and return hoses are both hot. Question, could they have messed up the heat control cable or damper. Maybe you have another suggestion. The problem is that the entire dash has to come out to access the core, as well as disconnecting the ac lines. Hope you can help.

I would think that the blend-air door has been messed up somehow. It might be cable controlled, but it is probably electric.

It is cable controlled, I was able to look at it through the back of the glove box. I just don’t know what the inside looks like.