No fuel pressure

I’m posting this for a friend of mine because he doesn’t have internet. He has a 1970 Ford Maverick with a 200 six. The car sat for about 8 years and was running when parked. We pulled it out of the trees and were working on getting it to run. While we did get it running, there is no fuel pressure. We thought it was the fuel pump as it was a 38 year old pump… well it didnt change anything. The car purrs like a kitten, its just it only runs for about 2-3 minutes because it runs out of gas fromt the carburator.

Any suggestions?

You had a 38 year old pump and you likely have a 38 year old tank with 38 years worth of rust. That rust could be clogging up the pick-up or any fuel filters that may be in the system.

Did you pull the top off that monster 1-barrel carb to see what the needle and float are doing? I imagine it’s pretty varnished up in there.

And Joseph is right about the tank and especially the fuel filter. Do you get a good flow of fuel at the end of the fuel line (disconnect from the carb, put contain underneath, and crank the engine).

Yeah pretty much agree. If you pull the top of the carb, check to make sure the float operates up and down. If it were stuck in the up position, it wouldn’t let any fuel into the carb. I would also check any fuel filters to make sure they aren’t all gunked up. You can disconnect the gas line and blow air through it to makes sure the line in clear. Last resort you are into pulling the tank and cleaning it out.

Be prepared to do a restoration job. After sitting that long in the woods, everything will have problems.

The fuel system is just one on a long list. Rodent eaten wiring for one and rust.

Ok thanks everyone. The way I know that there is no fuel pressure is we put a universal see through filter on it and its bone dry.

The gas that was left in the tank will have turned to varnish, plugging up the fuel pick-up filter sock inside the tank. Some of these ford Tanks just lift out of the trunk… Pull back the mat in the trunk and check…You can remove the fuel pick-up from there and inspect the inside of the tank…

could be as simple as was on my 71 ply . rubber line from tank was eaten by rodents