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68 Ford Galaxie 500

I have a 68 ford galaxie 500 with a 390. The engine cranks but does not start. If I pour gasoline directly into the carb it starts and seems to run until I take my foot off of the gas pedal then it dies. Any thoughts as to why its not keeping up or starting by itself? Thank you.

So it’s fuel: filter, pump, or carb problem. Does gas squirt out when you look down the carb and operate the throttle?

First, pull the dipstick and inspect the oil. Is it above the full mark? Is it very thin? Does it smell of gasoline? If yes don’t attempt to start the engine again until the oil and filter are changed.

If the cars history includes long periods of inactivity, you can EXPECT some fuel system problems. First, disconnect the fuel line from the carb and crank the engine. Gasoline should squirt out of the line in pulses as the engine turns over. No fuel flow?? Replace the fuel pump. If you have good fuel flow, you might as well rebuild the carb as the jets and air-bleeds are plugged up with varnish from the evaporated gasoline.

Also, is the automatic choke working properly? It should be closed when the engine is cold.

And the fuel pump…

Yeah the car has been sitting for about 3 years. It does seem to be the carb. I’ll clean it out and repost. Thanks for the help.

I had a similar problem on my 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass. It turned out to be a rubber (actually neoprene) section of the fuel line down by the gas tank. The line had deteriorated. On your Galaxie, your fuel pump sucks gasoline from the tank. If there is a hole in the line, the fuel pump will be sucking air and the car will do just what your car is doing. Before you replace the fuel pump or tear into the carburetor, check to be sure that the fuel line is o.k.

Right…After 42 years, ALL the rubber in the car, hoses, everything, will be in sad shape. On top of the gas tank will be several short lengths of rubber hose connecting the hard-lines to the gas tank…You will have to drop the tank to get to them on most cars…If they split open and leak air, the fuel pump will not work…

Have you drained the tank and flushed the rest of the fuel system? 3 yrs is too old to use.