No Fuel Filter - Cleaning Injectors



My 05 Acura TL has no fuel filter. I asked a shop if that means contaminants reach injectors. “You need to have them cleaned - we hook-up some fluid-injecting deal that blows/burns them clean. Cost is $150, vs. much more replacing injectors later.” Huh? if there’s a threat to injector longevity, wouldn’t Honda/Acura stay with the filter? Is this a warranted expense?


Why do you think your car does not have one of these?

They should be changed every 30k at the max IMHO, and more often if fuel contamination is suspected.

Fuel injector, or any kind of fuel system cleaning, will only take care of deposits related to gum, varnish, etc. and has no effect on dirt or other particles.

Fuel injector cleaning is justified in some circumstances, but that’s generally after pretty high mileage. The gas you buy has cleaners in it and most fuel injection cleaning services or additives is not needed.


your car has a fuel filter it’s probably in the tank.sounds like you need a new mechanic.acura are famous for the filter being in the tank and some of them are accessable from under the rear me your car has a filter.


My 05 Acura TL has no fuel filter.

Why do you think your car has no fuel filter?


I suggest you check the maintenance schedule that came with your car. Somewhere in there I’ll bet there’s a recommendation to “replace fuel filter” at a certain mileage or time. It’s really hard to believe the Honda factory engineers have eliminated the fuel filter. I think someone’s telling you this in order to sell you a fuel injection cleaning service you do not need.


It has a filter, but it’s in the tank as part of the fuel pump. My 4runner has the same setup and I’m NOT pleased. To service it you have to drop the tank. Some models the filter is actually part of the pump so to replace the filter you have to replace the pump also. Supposidly it should filter our dirt for 200k miles…Well the filter on my Pathfinders were suppose filter dirt for 60k miles and every time I replaced them at around 40k they were FILTHY.