2003 acura 3.2 tls

My 2003 Acura 3.2 TLS has 104,000 miles on it. I just changed the oil, check air filter which looks clean. But it doesn’t have the usual pick up and zip and a lag in response. Would it be safe to use STP Fuel Injector and Carburetor Cleaner? I’m always skeptical adding any additives in my gas tank.

Sure. I’ve used it, I use Techron too. No check engine light?

Is it safe? Yup.
Will it solve your problem? Nope.

Original spark plugs???

While we’re on the subject of maintenance, when did you replace your timing belt? That isn’t the cause of your current problem, but if you’re overdue, it could be the cause of a much more serious one (i.e., wrecked engine).

Thanks for the responses all. Spark plugs have been changed recently. I always use gas, usually Chevron or Texaco (with Techron). Timing belt has not been changed. Everything runs great, except I just don’t have the pick up and response I use to have, which is one of the best things I love about the car.

" Timing belt has not been changed."

Maybe jumped a tooth?

What kind of spark plugs? Japanese cars are fussy and usually only like Denso or NGK plugs. Is your air filter clean? Is this an automatic or standard transmission? If it is an automatic has it been drained and filled recently?

I doubt it will help. I did a fuel injector cleaning treatment on my 90’s Corolla in the spring and did notice some minor improvement, but it was an improvement in idling and smoother running at slow speed, like when driving in neighborhoods. No change in the “pick-up”.

What I’d do in that situation is make sure all the suggested engine routine maintenance per the owner’s manual had been done first, before trying other things. Otherwise you risk introducing problems you currently don’t have.


How’d you clean your fuel injectors?

I’m asking because I know your fuel rail doesn’t have a test port, which makes things a little more complicated

With a sluggish response I usually lean towards a fuel pressure or partially clogged converter issue.

That’s assuming there’s no drivetrain slippage in the transmission, prior instances of overheating, and so on.

One additional point I might make is that you really need to do the timing belt kit on your car. It’s way, way past due by years and your car has an interference engine. This means if the belt breaks the engine will suffer major damage and in almost all cases there is zero warning before it happens.

@db4690 … cleaning the Corolla’s injectors … I didn’t do the fuel-rail technique. I used a gas additive treatment I added to the gas tank. The product is called “CleanPower” or “PowerClean” or something like that.


I was envisioning that you teed into the system with a million different adapters and hoses