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No dashboard light, no RPM and no AC

New battery put in in Nissan Altima GXE 1998, because the car died on me. After that when ignition key is turned the car starts but no dashboard light, no RPM, no AC, no power window. The car keeps running but slowly it seems the battery drains out. Sometimes while turning it appears to lock in and everything runs fine and even battery seems to get charged. Is this a ignition switch problem? If I replace the ignition switch, will everything be fine?What else I may have to check? Any feedback will be helpful.

The problem could be with the ignition switch but it could be somewhere else also. I assume you have checked for any bad fuses already. The alternator may be working intermittently as power gets it and the charging action can begin. You may be able to find the trouble by turning the key ON and tap on suspected trouble areas with a scewdriver handle and see if the warning lights turn on.