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Denali won't start

Would you have any idea why a 2004 Yukon Denali would not start. It’s leaking coolant. The battery was replaced less than 2 weeks ago and it doesn’t jump start. I was told that the water pump is cracked and when you turn the key the lights and radio come on but that’s about it.

Not a clue. You need to give much more specific information. When you turn the key what happens? Start with answering that question.

When you turn the key, the lights come on, dash lights up but otherwise, nothing.

My 1987 Suburban is losing power. Difficult to go up hills or any incline for parking or anything. It was leaking transmission fluid and the mechanic “said” that he replaced the line but it’s still leaking, in fact, it’s worse than before.

Water pump and coolant leak are unrelated to the 'no start" unless the entire engine is seized up. Assuming the motor isn’t seized then your alternator could be bad, or the belt driving the alternator could be slipping, or the battery cables are corroded.

Put a charger on the battery and see if it takes a full charge. If the battery cables are corroded then they can’t flow the current needed to run the starting motor. That could be why the jump start isn’t working because the battery might be fine. Fix for corroded cables is to take them off and clean both ends, at the battery and whatever they connect to at the other end. Some of these cables rot and rust out internally in which case you replace the old cable with a new one. Always remove the black battery connection 1st (that is the negative side of the battery). If you aren’t careful you can short out the battery and/or the wiring to the car.

On the '87 Suburban; if your transmission fluid is leaking there may not be enough fluid left in the transmission to run the truck. Check the trans fluid level and don’t run the truck when it is low on fluid - that will kill the transmission real fast.