No crank ol' reliable

Hi guys, newbie on this forum, maybe somebody can help me out.

I have a 1980 Jeep cherokee, big ol 360, my fishin’ buddy. Started her up last week forgot something in the house, took keys out, came back out I have a clicking solenoid on the fender. Broke out test lite, no power to output post on solenoid, replaced it and headed to beach.

Turned her off twice on the way there, no problem, starrted right back up. Got out on the sand shut her off no crank, clicking, almost buzzing solenoid, long story short towed er home.

Now, after cleaning all connections, I notice this solenoid has no power to the output post to starter either. If I disconnect the cable to the starter and turn the key the output post will energize. removed cable from starter the cable will energize, but when I hook the cable to the solenoid with starter connected, the output post will not energize. What’s up with this thing?

BTW, I put a new starter in today, solenoid just clicks, gettin’ frustated.

Any ideas???

Low power battery.

Check those old battery cables and replace the negative one which is the low quality one anyway. Electrical readings could be nonsense sometimes. If it works on a 73 maverick, it should work on a 80 Jeep.