No brakes or steering ability in FJ Cruiser

My brakes and steering are completely disabled for about 3-4 seconds when I’m slowing down and ride over a pothole or bump in the road. Happened about 3-4 times. Why? Can’t this be fixed? Dealer won’t help.

More details please. What do you mean “brakes are disabled?” If you step on the pedal does it sink to the floor or become hard and firm? Are you able to turn the steering wheel but with difficulty or is it locked in place, or something else?

Does your check engine light come on? Generator light? How many miles on your FJ? Is it still under warranty? What do you mean dealer won’t help… is he stumped or has he refused? Please supply information so we can advise you further.

The brakes just don’t work. The pedal does sink to the floor and feels loose. I can turn the steering wheel back and forth but the tires don’t move. This will last for about 3-4 seconds and then just kick in. I haven’t tried to use the “hand brake” or “e-brake” usually because I’m so focused on screaming and trying no to hit anything.

I contacted the manufacturer who then referred me to the dealer. The dealer had a tech drive with me but was not able to reproduce the problem. He was able to get the ABS to work by sliding on some ice but that wasn’t the same response I was getting. The dealer said that the ABS in this model is sensitive and that there is nothing that could be done about it.

One thing for sure, don’t drive the car! You don’t want to be responsible for someone’s injury or death!

Does it do it all the time or just sometimes? Is there any connection with the weather (hot cold wet dry)? Do both the brakes and the steering do it at the same time?

It only does it when I’m slowing down and drive over a bump or pothole. Both the brakes and the steering do it at the same time. There is no connection with the weather.