No Brake lights Toyota Hilux 2017

Hi all I’ve checked all my fuses and I don’t think I’ve missed any. All appear to be fine.unless I missed some fuses hidden somewhere? I’ve checked my brake switch and also replaced it just incase but didn’t fix the problem. I have replaced the bulbs with the correct bulbs. I have no idea what’s wrong with the lights. The tail lights, blinkers and reverse lights work please help. I have a Toyota Hilux 2.8 diesel sports dualcab 2017.

Cheers :grin:

Odd that this would happen to a fairly new truck. Are you the first owner? Has it been in an accident? You probably need to do a continuity test to check the wiring. Do you have a wiring diagram?

If you don’t own a volt-ohm meter, go buy one. Check for 12 v at the bulb socket when the brake is pressed. One probe on the bulb contact, the other on a shiny metal bolt on the truck’s frame. Then check for resistance from one bulb contact to the same metal spot. You need both to light the bulb.

I would guess the wire, usually black, that goes to the frame, called a ground, has broken off.

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