No Back up lights on a 2004 Honda Pilot

Hey Guys,

First of all “I Love” your show. You guys make the rest of my day go well. Well, here is my issue: I have a 2004 Honda Pilot and the back up light went out. I replaced all the fuse that has anything to do with the back up light. The first time I replaced the fuse the light worked. Than a few days later the light went out again. So I replaced each one of the fuse at a time and than tested the light and nothing happens. I checked the light bulb carfully and I do not see that the light filament is blown. Now, I am coming to all wise and mighty car guys for help. What do you think the problem might be? I appericate any help and again “Luv ya” guys.

I suspect it may be the switch not the lamp or fuse, but why just look at the light, if you got that far, just replace them.

On thing often overlooked when this happens is the ground connection.

Joseph, Thank you for the reply. Can you please tell me where the switch is located and how to replace it. I do not see anything mentioned on the owner’s manual. Also, I was not able to disconnect the light. It will turn counter-clockwise, but it will not come out. What are the ground wires are you talking about. As you can tell I am not much of an automotive type of person. However I like to try to fix things on my own to save me money. Any additional help will be grateful.

The reverse switch is usually mounted near the rear of the transmission. Look for a wire connector near there. The grounding for the lights is usually tied to a black wire going to the bulb socket.