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Fuel pumps "Tester"

95 Astro 4.3L Seems strange that the spider would be plugged at 10345, 21764, and 31770 milages. Dad got stranded in VA and had “Garenteed” dealer install with diagnostics. Stranded again in Boston at 42173 miles. Three pumps later it’s mine. My solution is to change at 9000 miles reguardless. 139 my cost is still cheaper than a tow. I’ll pretend it is an early Jag, having to change the oil in my SU carbs. It sure acts English!! The filter nuts are nearly worn out from use. Deathly afraid of running out of petrol, dad kept it pretty full, but passed on and willed this headache to me.

Even though I’m not Tester and know nothing specific about these spiders, maybe the ones in this van a) have been sticky for that long and/or b) were somehow defective to begin with.