No A/C and no heater

The A/C in my car does not work. I was going to have it fixed, but then I noticed the heater also doesn’t work. So I got suspicious that maybe it is something else that is wrong that is affecting both the A/C and the heater. Anyone have any idea about this?

In what way does it not work?  Does the fan come on.  If not, that would be a likely area to check.  Check all the fan speeds.  

However in either case the shop that does A/C work likely also does heaters and radiators.  Down south they are often called A/C shops but up north they tend to be called radiator shops.  I strongly recommend finding a local (not a chain) shop.  The chain shops often have problems.

In terms of providing cooled air and heated air into the cabin, the two come from completely separate and unrelated systems. So Mr. Meehan is right to suggest that maybe it is just your blower fan that is not working, and minus the fan it seems that neither system is working. He’s probably right. Shut off everything else and listen to see if the blower fan is working when you turn the switch on.

The blower fan works great and works in its 3 or 4 low, medium and high settings. So, I guess I’ll just have to take it to a shop as you say as apparently, per another responder, the AC and the heat come from completely different sources.